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Why can't Eliot Spitzer be prosecuted in Troopergate


   ALBANY … Former Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer was directly involved in a campaign to smear his chief political rival last year, the Albany County district attorney revealed Friday in a 20-page report that directly contradicts Spitzer's past claims about the scandal.

   Calling Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno a "piece of .‚.‚.," Spitzer ordered his aides to release records about his use of state helicopters to an Albany newspaper shortly after the 2007 legislative session ended last June … and after several high-profile policy priorities of the governor were rejected by Bruno.

   Details about Spitzer were revealed in testimony before District Attorney David Soares by Darren Dopp, who served as the recently resigned governor's communications adviser and was one of his closest aides over the past decade.

   But the report concludes Spitzer broke no laws.

   "To the extent that there may be "misconduct, non-feasance or neglect,' considering the recent, unforeseeable resignation of [Spitzer] and other senior aides, the DA does not have a statutory vehicle to address this matter," the report concludes.
   … Tom Precious

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