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Over-the-top language on family-time TV

  I do not watch that much network TV, which is why I was surprised this week to turn on a sitcom at 9 p.m. and hear a character repeat a slang term for testicles throughout the show.

Previous airings of "Two and a Half Men" included explicit jokes and use of a slang term for intercourse (not the "F' word). The FCC in recent years has cracked down somewhat on obscene language on the public airwaves earlier than 10 o'clock at night, when preteens are more likely to be watching. But there obviously are some large holes in the net.

   I understand that pretty much anything goes on cable TV. I expected tighter limits on network television (and radio) in the early evening. Am I being an overprotective parent, or do other people see the casual use of street slang during prime time as a problem?

   -- Donn Esmonde


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