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The man who made National Air Cargo come clean

  To the government lawyers who prosecuted National Air Cargo, Mark Oehm is a hero who helped stop millions in overbillings by blowing the whistle on his former employer, now the biggest commercial shipper of war materiel to Iraq and Afghanistan.

   To National Air Cargo's lawyers, and many of its employees, Oehm is more of a traitor, who took advantage of complicated air freight regulations to complain about the Orchard Park freight forwarder. They say he's a petty crook who took company software with him to his next job.

   Nonsense, say his lawyers, who helped Oehm win a $3.3 million settlement as part of the $28 million the company paid in U.S. District Court.

   Add U.S. Attorney Terrance P. Flynn to Oehm's supporters. He said the government's investigation rought the felony charge against National Air Cargo, not Oehm.

   What do you think?

--   Michael Beebe and Dan Herbeck


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