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Wilson incident is much more than "hazing"

   The term "hazing" usually brings to mind some silly stunt, like a guy having to wear a skirt to school or a bunch of athletes chugging liter bottles of Coke.

   It doesn't conjure images of a serious sexual abuse, the kind of attack that authorities say occurred on the Wilson High School baseball team's bus.

   If true, this is a serious allegation that could lead to a felony trial, lawsuits, permanent criminal records and plenty of emotional scars.

   Maybe the word "hazing" is a misnomer, failing to convey the seriousness of that incident. So maybe we shouldn't use that word here. Or maybe this case shows how serious hazing can

   Whatever we call it, it's a story we should have our teenage kids read, to show them the horrible implications of one stupid moment, one horribly stupid moment.

   -- Gene Warner


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