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Both sides have a point on Peace Bridge neighborhood plan

   WASHINGTON — So if the National Trust for Historic Preservation is to be believed, the Peace Bridge Authority wants to "pave paradise to put up a parking lot," which is why the preservation group put the Peace Bridge neighborhood on its list of most endangered historic sites.

   But in the view of the Peace Bridge Authority, its plan for an expanded truck plaza — which would wipe out good sections of the historic neighborhoods nearby — is an absolute necessity to ensure smooth passage of truck traffic from Canada into the United States.

   Who's right?

   I went to the neighborhood last week for the first time in many years to take a look, and sure enough, the homes and trees and streetscapes are exquisite. It's the kind of neighborhood that gives Buffalo its timeless appeal.

   Yet when I looked into the distance, I saw a line of trucks stacked up for entry at the border, and thought: there's money being lost in a long wait.

   And it all brings to mind a question.

   Could this be one of those tough public policy debates where both sides are right?

   And if so, what should be done?

   -- Jerry Zremski


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