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Collins learning how to play politics

   Love him or hate him, just about everybody acknowledges we've never had a county executive like Chris Collins.

   The rookie politician, a Republican, was swept into the 16th floor of the Rath County Office Building last November in a landslide. And he did it by challenging the area's political status quo, casting himself as a "chief executive not a chief politician," and promising to run Erie County like a business.

   But today's story in The Buffalo News outlines the evolution of the millionaire businessman into at least a semi-politician. Critics say he has ignored his campaign promise by diving into the political pool, flexing his muscles in races for the House of Representatives and the Assembly.

   Others say he is an elected official, for heaven's sake, and has to play the politics game … at least to some extent.

   In any event, Collins the politician is a new and interesting side of our county executive, and is a story with a long way to go before it plays out.

   What do you think of how Collins is conducting himself as county executive?

   -- Robert J. McCarthy


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