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Creating more lawyers

   Do we need more law schools in New York?

   Opponents of the idea, like Makau Mutua, dean of the University at Buffalo Law School, make convincing arguments against it:

   There are 15 private and public law schools in New York, which already has more practicing attorneys than any state in the nation.

   One of the concerns, of course, is that more law schools will divert potential students and resources away from UB Law School.

   But it's hard to blame the three schools proposing new law schools … St. John Fisher College, Binghamton University and Stony Brook University.

   They're trying to grow, add academic offerings and boost their reputations, too.

   It's what UB is trying to do across the university with its ambitious plans to grow by 10,000 students by 2020.

    … Jay Rey

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