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Is sexism dogging Hillary's presidential hopes?

  WASHINGTON -- On a day trip to Buffalo last week, a half-dozen women came up to me and said, in essence, that they're mad as hell.

   A woman had a chance to be president, and a younger, less experienced man appears to have taken that chance away from her, and these women were not happy about it.

   And they were not alone. I had been hearing similar sentiments on the campaign trail for weeks. Now they seemed to be reaching a peak, though, so I decided to write about them.

   Again and again, the women I interviewed raised the possibility that sexism stood between Hillary Clinton and the presidency. After all, there are no Barack Obama nutcrackers out there, and nobody has devoted a long story to his slim, athletic visage the way the Washington Post devoted a story to Clinton's cleavage.

   If this is sexism, it has gone largely unnoticed in a campaign where race and racism have never been far from front-and-center.

   But should it go unnoticed? Or is Hillary Clinton now the Democratic runner-up because too many Americans just aren't ready for a female president?

-- Jerry Zremski


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