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The McKinley report, with no help from Barton

   The report issued by the special investigator looking into Jayvonna Kincannon's seven-week at McKinley High School — later shortened to five weeks — is heavily critical of Principal Crystal Barton and of the School District's execution of the suspension.

   Principal Barton was also found to have suppressed the rights of Jayvonna and other students from speaking before the School Board. Barton was the only potential witness, the report said, who refused to cooperate with the investigation.

   The report also suggests volunteer girls basketball coach Michelle Stiles' dismissal may have been influenced by boys basketball coach James Daye. Her job as "de facto" head coach, the report said, wasn't in jeopardy until Daye became angry at her for inquiring why he had been at the home where a girl on the team was temporarily living. Daye, Stiles later learned, was there to visit the girl's adult female cousin.

   Now that the report by special investigator David L. Edmunds Jr. is out, what do you think should happen next?

   … Mark Sommer

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