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Village may let town take over

The tiny Village of North Collins may fold up its tent and just be part of the Town of Collins, one small step toward decreasing the number of governments in New York State.

The village doesn't expect significant cost savings right away if it dissolves. After all, it has only four full-time employees. What it is hoping for is a bigger voice in larger matters, such as applying for assistance  from the state and elsewhere. If it joins with the town in these efforts, there will be one voice, instead of two competing.

Even with this step, the larger proposals of the State Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness are receiving mixed reviews.

Some members of the commission, Stan Lundine, Sam Hoyt and Kathryn Foster, explain how the suggestions can streamline public services and save money   in today's Opinion section.

It is obvious the discussion will not end soon.

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