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End game for a political litmus test

  WASHINGTON -- OK, now that Scrabulous has been scrapped by Facebook, I've
come up with an even better game.

   Let's call it  ... "Goodling!"

   And in it, you all get to answer the questions that Monica Goodling, the disgraced Republican appointee who commandeered the hiring of supposedly nonpartisan federal prosecutors, asked the job candidates she interviewed.

   So please, go ahead and answer the following questions:

   "Why are you a Republican?"

   "What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?"


   "Aside from the president, give us an example of someone currently or recently in public service who you admire."

   Sadly, I haven't figured out how to declare a winner in this game, but I am sure you will have fun playing, nevertheless.

-- Jerry Zremski


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