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More bad news in Wilson

   A 19-year-old apparently distraught over his relationship with his girlfriend shot and killed her Saturday morning, then took his own life.

   Family and friends of Shawn R. Wolf of Ransomville were aware of "issues" in his relationship with Kari A. Gorman, as reported in today's Buffalo News.

   The two had dated for eight months and attended their senior prom together.

   Wolf's mother found Gorman's 18-year-old body on her son's bedroom floor. She called 911 at 8:58 a.m., telling the operator she woke up hearing an argument.

   About 14 minutes later, police spotted Wolf's car parked at a Youngstown cemetery. Then they found his body. He had apparently taken a shotgun to his own head.

   A handwritten note, indicating "that there was strife in the relationship," was found at Wolf's home.

      — Aaron Besecker

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