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Stemming the tide of violence

   Violence is far too common in the lives of many young Buffalo residents on the East Side and lower West Side, particularly young people of color.

   Reporter Peter Simon spoke with 10 teenagers who shared their bleak worlds, including a girl who is living with a bullet in her leg. She was shot at her graduation party.

   But what can be done about it?

   Darius Pridgen, pastor of True Bethel Baptist Church who is a devoted activist for his community, has one answer.

   His church organizes trips in which he takes African American teenagers, many who have never been outside of Buffalo, to black colleges and universities.

   "They are amazed to see people of color with nice houses and cars, and who don't have to be doing drugs or doing wrong," Pridgen said. "When young people haven't been exposed to anything else, and when the generation that raised them has lost hope, what is there for that generation?"

   What are your suggestions for ending the violence in our neighborhoods?


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