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Boondoggle at the BMHA

The problem with problems like leaky roofs is that, the longer they continue, the more problems they beget.
Bad roofs lead to water damage in ceilings and walls, expensive to repair even when it doesn't contribute to mold or pests. Gaping holes let heated air out and vermin in.

Some residents of Buffalo's public housing projects -- many of them elderly or disabled -- are living in these  conditions now.  Some are afraid to speak up, for fear of retribution by the property managers or others,  but almost anyone would agree that three years is too long to live with rain coming in your ceilings.

Not only does this indicate bad property management by the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, it also is a waste of tax dollars. Any property owner knows that repairs never get smaller when they are delayed.

A new system for managing Buffalo's public housing is intended to decentralize  the process for maintaining the  developments, and the seven-member board of BMHA commissioners will for the first time tour all 27
of the agency's properties later this month.

It could be eye-opening. People living there also hope it will lead to action.


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