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How much privacy are public officials entitled to?

      It's a juicy story, no doubt.  A well-known state assemblyman confesses to having an extramarital affair.  Meanwhile, a state panel is investigating whether he violated ethics rules.  And local blogs are abuzz with e-mails that may come from the assemblyman and his lover.  The assemblyman is locked in a heated re-election campaign and allegations of dirty politics are all part of the mix.

     How well is The Buffalo News handling the Sam Hoyt story about his alleged affairs with Legislature staff members?  Are we giving it about enough coverage?  Is it the right kind of coverage? Should it even be the subject of news stories at all?

     Read News Editor Margaret Sullivan's column in the Viewpoints section for a discussion of the issues surrounding media coverage of the private lives of politicians -- especially their sex lives -- and let us know what you think.


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