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Paying a high price for disco fever

   I found out about the new ticket policy for the World's Largest Disco just like everyone else did, when I got a letter from event organizers outlining the new pricing plan.

   For purposes of full disclosure, it should be noted that I'm a huge disco fan. I've gone at least seven times, starting when I was a student at the University at Buffalo.

   My closet is filled with a garish plaid suit, an ugly salmon sport jacket, red polyester pants and an unfortunate white, leather belt.

   I think the disco is one of the great events in Buffalo, and my friends and I look forward to it every year.

   So I probably had the same reaction as a lot of people when I got the note about the new policy. Unlike previous years, where tickets started at a lower price and rose as you got closer to the day of the event, tickets now will start at a high price and go down the longer you wait to buy them.

   Organizers say it's the only way to raise more money for charity -- all proceeds go to Camp Good Days and Special Times -- since they can't sell more than the 7,000 tickets they now offer to the public.

   The disco sells out earlier and earlier every year, so in a sense it's a case of limited supply versus surging demand. If you want to make sure you have a ticket to the event, you'll pay a premium -- $50 per ticket instead of $35 -- for that privilege.

   But a number of disco fans I interviewed say they feel the new pricing plan is unfair to the very people who have loyally bought tickets all these years.

   It will be interesting to see whether people agree to pay the full $50 price, when tickets go on pre-sale today, or if they're going to wait on the chance there will be some left at the lower prices.

   What do you think of the new pricing plan? Are you planning to pay $50 per ticket? Is the
disco, and the good cause it supports, worth that price? Will you take a chance and wait until
they hit $45, $40 or $35 per ticket?

   -- Stephen T. Watson

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