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Will Clinton backers be out in the cold?

   DENVER - This is Barack Obama's week in the sun - and it's enough to leave you wondering if local Democrats will be left out in the cold.

   After all, the vast majority of top Democrats from Western New York supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York for the Democratic presidential nomination. And of the 13 elected Democrats from the region at this week's Democratic National Convention, 10 will be here to vote for Clinton.

   The local delegates for both candidates stress they are all behind Obama now, but one thing can't be denied. They don't have the intimate contacts among the Obamaniacs that they had in Hillaryland.

   So what will this mean for Western New York? Will it mean less easy pathways through the federal bureaucracy, or fewer Western New Yorkers in an Obama administration?

   --- Jerry Zremski


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