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Fan-demonium goes overboard, despite police crackdown

   Law-enforcement officials say they're working hard to crack down on the alcohol-fueled fan rowdiness at Buffalo Bills games, but there's still apparently a long way to go in ridding the stadium of unruly behavior.

   Seattle Seahawks fans blogging on the issue at complained about the abuse heaped on them, including having glass bottles and other items thrown at them and being spat on by Bills fans. One fan claimed it was the worst behavior he had seen in an opposing team's stadium.

   Local law-enforcement officers made 32 arrests inside, outside and away from the stadium Sunday. That suggests that they're serious about the crackdown, but also that there's a long way to go in resolving this problem.

   Authorities are cracking down, by listing a hotline number for fans to call, making taxicabs available for overly drunken fans leaving the stadium, cracking down on underage drinking and instituting more DWI patrols in the area.

   What do you think? Can these measures work, or can nothing be done short of cutting down on the most obvious culprit - the drinking allowed at the tailgate parties and in the stadium?

- Gene Warner

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