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Hard time for a tough judge?

  Retired State Supreme Court Justice Ronald H. Tills finds himself on the other side of the bench as he waits to learn his fate.

   On Thursday, he admitted in federal court that he recruited prostitutes for events sponsored by a nationwide fraternal men's club called the Royal Order of Jesters.

   On Jan. 12, Tills, who had earned a reputation as a tough judge, will find out how much time he will serve behind bars.

   U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny said  Tills could serve  21 months or more behind bars. But that was based on sentencing guidelines that are advisory, which means Tills could be sentenced to something less, even home confinement or probation.

   His sentencing could be based on how cooperative he is in a federal probe into human trafficking and prostitution within the Jesters'.

   So how much time should Tills serve? Will he even spend time in prison? Would an ordinary citizen get the same treatment from the courts?


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