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Should top cops be allowed to gild their pensions?

   Should the top cop be able to pad his pension with overtime and similar benefits? Of is a six-figure salary enough compensation for all the work that goes into being a police chief?

   While most police chiefs in the Buffalo area don't get OT-type benefits, there are exceptions.

    A retired Hamburg police chief got about $11,000 in overtime during his final year with the force.

   And two retired Town of Tonawanda chiefs got about $10,000 each in their final year by working extra days, although at straight time, not overtime pay, according to retired chief Samuel Palmiere.

    Aside from the higher salary, the extra money offered to chiefs at the end of their careers allows them to bump up their pensions in the same way rank-and-file officers sometimes

   What do you think? Extra pay for the top cops or no extra pay?

     -- Susan Schulman



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