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No good deed goes unpunished

      Joyce Diasparra is a nurse at the Erie County Home on Alden. She was driving home after work on a recent night when she saw a patient walking along Walden Avenue. He is a mentally unbalanced man who is in being treated in the facility after trying to kill his wife. He had sneaked out of the facility.

   Without a cell phone, but concerned for the safety of the patient and the public, she drove back to the County Home and alerted security. She drove back down Walden Avenue with a security guard. They got the man into her vehicle and returned him safely to the County Home.

   A few days later, Diasparra was reprimanded and suspended for a day without pay. The facility's director of nursing said Diasparra should not have left the patient, but instead should have gotten him back to the facility on her own.

   Given that Diasparra was alone, and the man was potentially dangerous, it seems to me that she did the right thing in going for help. What do you think?

   -- Donn Esmonde

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