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The unlikeliest Obamaniac

   PITTSBURGH -- It seemed like deja vu all over again, with Hillary Clinton on stage before a room full of deleriously admiring older voters, but the thing that matters most had changed utterly and irrevocably.

   Hillary Clinton was on that stage at a downtown hotel here Friday urging seniors to vote for Barack Obama. And based on interviews with a dozen of the seniors who attended this "Hot Dogs With Hillary" event, not many really needed the urging.

   This was Clinton's 65th campaign event for her onetime rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, and there's no indication she plans to stop anytime before Election Day. After leaving Pittsburgh, she flew off to Denver and New Mexico to deliver the same message.

   "There are only 11 days left, but 11 days can be a lifetime in presidential politics," the New York senator said. "So I am asking you to really go to work...If you supported me, please support Barack Obama as strongly as you supported me."

   In other words, she was asking voters to support Obama as strongly as she's supporting him, which is pretty strongly. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said Clinton has done more for Obama than any losing candidate has ever done for a former rival.

   Of course, this poses a simple but compelling question: Why?

   -- Jerry Zremski



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