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The fuel that prompts those intelligent fans to become rowdy

Maybe it's not exactly rocket science trying to understand the causes of rowdy behavior in NFL stadiums.
    Who would know better than the Hon.
Seamus McCaffery of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, who once presided over the basement courtroom for Philadelphia Eagles fans arrested in Veterans Stadium.
    McCaffery has cited the triggers for the most outrageous fan behavior: “Anonymity, excessive testosterone and last, but not least, excessive alcohol.”
    No argument there, but maybe there's another factor to explain much of the rowdy behavior in Ralph Wilson Stadium.
    It's part of the culture and fabric of the game-day experience in Orchard Park, perhaps just as much a staple of Bills football as tailgating and a rabid crowd.
   While the Bills deserve credit for tackling the problem, it may be virtually impossible to root out most of the rowdy behavior, without banning alcohol inside and outside the stadium.
    And that's never going to happen.
... Gene Warner

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