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Some auto companies are more equal than others

   WASHINGTON - Long before Detroit needed a $14 billion bailout, governors offered Toyota, Honda and other foreign automakers $3 billion in goodies to get them to build plants in their states.

   And now it just so happens that the states that are home to those "transplant" auto factories - Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee - are home to the Republican senators who drove a stake through the heart of the Detroit rescue package.

   Raging about the higher wages and benefits that members of the United Auto Workers get from the Big 3, and rhapsodizing about letting the market pick winners and losers, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said the rescue package "isn't nearly tough enough" on the automakers or the union.

   By the way, that's the same Mitch McConnell who, 23 years ago, called a reluctant property owner in Kentucky to persuade the family to sell Toyota the land it wanted for its plant there.

   Seeing things like that, local UAW official Kevin Donovan says, is simply "hypocrisy."

   So can you think of any other choice words to describe it?

   --- Jerry Zremski

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