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No ordinary inauguration

    An apostle of hope will ascend to the presidency Tuesday at the most hope-starved time the nation has experienced in decades.

   Barack Obama will become the 44th president with the nation at war and in economic free-fall. Yet you would never know it by witnessing the excitement that's building around his inauguration.

   People are already flocking to the nation's capital, and the streets are already shutting down for a public gathering that's likely to number in the millions.

   Some of the excitement, for sure, stems from Obama's status as the first African-American president. But to judge from the faces gathering here, it's much more than that.

   Talk to anybody arriving in D.C. this weekend, and you'll see bright, expectant eyes and a broad smile, on black, white and Asian faces.

   Clearly, this is no ordinary inauguration. And it makes me wonder if it's because so many think Obama will be no ordinary president.

   … Jerry Zremski

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