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Making sense of the incomprehensible

By the time Aasiya Hassan was killed, she'd filed multiple police reports regarding her abusive husband and confided in friends who tried to help her. She wasn't the picture of a shrinking violet, but rather an intelligent, giving and faith-filled woman with many friends. In her own way, she fought back.

Muzzammil Hassan, her husband, is described in contrast as a reserved, money-hungry businessman with a controlling nature that occasionally spilled over into violence. Police reports suggest that Aasiya did just enough to keep herself from becoming a regular punching bag, but shielded her husband from arrest.

Now she's dead — killed in an unimaginably brutal way — and a larger community is left to mourn her passing.

In doing this story, three reporters heard from many people who wondered what more could have been done to save her, and what lessons there are to take away from this shocking tragedy.

— Sandra Tan

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