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The teachers strike back

Relations between the Buffalo Teachers Federation and Buffalo Public Schools' administrators and the board are now affecting the school year itself, as Peter Simon reports in a story today.

With Labor Day as late as it can be this year, on Sept. 7, some suburban school districts are breaking with tradition and starting classes before the holiday. Buffalo officials planned to do the same.

However, the teachers' union's governing council “overwhelming rejected” the proposal, not because it considers it a bad idea, according to union president Philip Rumore, but because of  “anger and resentment” toward school officials.

Rumore stresses that children would get the same number of instructional days during the school year under either calendar, but that they would be distributed differently. But Superintendent James A. Williams says an earlier start would give pupils two more school days before state assessment tests are given in January, and also be a boost for the district's athletic program.

So, while the adults in the school system continue to bicker like kids on a playground, the children could suffer.

(This is usually the point where someone steps into the scuffle and tells both parties it is time to settle their differences and try to get along, for everyone's sake ...)


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