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Additional gun control measures? Not under Obama.

WASHINGTON — There's no recession in the gun industry.

The most heavily armed stable democracy in the world, the United States of America, is arming even more in tough times. In Erie County, pistol permit applications are coming in at three times the 2008 rate, and the same sort of thing is happening all across the country.

Meanwhile, plugged-in political sources said the prospects for additional gun control measures — such as the return of the assault weapons ban — are about as good as the Sabres' recent chances of making the playoffs.

President Barack Obama may be a longtime proponent of gun control, but he's got at least a little something to do with the current practical reality of guns in America — where more and more people are buying guns in fear that Obama will try to ban them.

But on Capitol Hill, 65 pro-gun House Democrats have even more to do with the political reality of the issue, vowing to stop additional gun measures, thereby leaving gun control activists without the votes to pass anything meaningful.

Meanwhile, every few days another madman guns down a few more people.

What do you make of it all?

— Jerry Zremski


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