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Co-pilot's red-eye flight preceded disaster

      WASHINGTON — If you think your commute is a bad one, think, for a moment, about the late Rebecca Lynn Shaw.

   Earning less than $25,000 a year at Colgan Air, the young co-pilot of the doomed Continental Connection Flight 3407 chose to live with her parents in Seattle — and commute to Newark, N.J.

   She did just that — on a red-eye flight, no less — the night before Flight 3407 plunged into a house in Clarence on Feb. 12, killing 50.

   You will not be surprised to hear that her attention span was not stellar on that fateful night. In fact, she seemed not to have noticed as the plane slowed to a stall over eastern Erie County.

   All of which raises a question or two.

   The next time you fly, how would you feel about hearing that the co-pilot had just flown in on the red-eye from Seattle the night before?

   And — my God — should this be legal?

   — Jerry Zremski


Flight 3407
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