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Unraveling the mysteries of Flight 3407

WASHINGTON -- Three months  to the day that Continental Connection Flight 3407 came tumbling down on a house in Clarence, the mysteries surrounding the doomed flight will start to be unraveled.

The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday will begin three days of hearings aimed at unearthing the probable cause of the crash, which claimed 50 lives.

And maybe, just maybe, by Thursday we will have answers to the following questions:

What role if any did icing play in the crash?

Why did the pilot, Capt. Marvin Renslow, do the opposite of what he should have done, pulling down on the plane's yoke after the plane's stall warning system activated? How well trained were the pilots?

Should they have been flying the plane on autopilot during much of the flight?

Did they distract themselves from an impending emergency by talking more than they should have?

Was the crew too tired to fly?

And most importantly of all, what does all this mean for the flying public?

— Jerry Zremski

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Flight 3407
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