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13 dead women are just part of domestic violence toll

   The fact that 13 local women have been killed since November in domestic violence incidents is shocking enough. But that figure doesn't tell the whole story.

   For every abuse victim that's killed, others are seriously injured.

   In February, Niagara Falls resident Stephanie Turk was shot by her ex-boyfriend, who is accused of later engaging in a shootout with police that left him and two police officers seriously wounded.

   Turk was lucky to survive.

   On May 30, North Tonawanda resident Renee Hickey was shot eight times by Timothy R. Hance, 48.

   Hickey once had an order of protection against Hance.

   Hance subsequently committed suicide.

   But miraculously, Hickey lived.

   In countless other cases, women and sometimes men end up beaten, bruised and broken, but their abusers escape with misdemeanors and violations.

   Advocates for domestic violence victims say much has been done, but much more work remains.

   The key to ending this kind of violence is out there. Enough people just have to be committed to the solution.

   -- Sandra Tan

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