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Welcome new GM investors

   WASHINGTON - If you don't play the stock market, you probably never expected to end up as part owner of General Motors.

   But that's what you are now.

   This is what the former leader of the former "Big Three" has been reduced to: a government-negotiated bankruptcy that leaves Uncle Sam - or should I say, you and me and hundreds of millions of other Americans - owning 60 percent of the company stock.

   President Obama said it's a worthy investment for the nation to make to ensure that America, for years to come, actually makes things.

   Other politicians - such as Reps. Louise M. Slaughter and Chris Lee - breathed a bit of a sigh of relief because the bankruptcy plan will leave plants in their districts open and operating.

   But it all raises an interesting question.

   How do you feel about spending some of your own taxpayer money to keep GM - and its Town of Tonawanda engine plant and the Delphi facility in Lockport, which will soon return to the GM fold - in business?

   --- Jerry Zremski

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