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Too much Michael, too much of the time

Not everyone's on board with the round-the-clock, round-the-dial Michael Jackson coverage.

Some people — perhaps a large minority, or even more than that — have had it with the all-Michael, all-the-time coverage surrounding the death of the iconic pop star.

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It's a fascinating story, to be sure, the rise and demise of arguably the world's most famous person.

But many people have had enough and are hoisting the "No Mas" sign. Some of those who have put away their TV remote controls until the tidal wave passes are people who work in the fields of child sex abuse and law enforcement.

They just can't forget the volume of accusations about Jackson.

As one person, Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, put it, most people can deal with Jackson's weirdness and eccentricities.

"But when you're talking about accusations of abusing children, that's a universal taboo that crosses all lines — generational lines, racial lines, gender lines and socioeconomic lines," Sedita said. "It is the universal taboo."

— Gene Warner

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