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Health care reform silent on malpractice reform

   The folks drawing up the health care bill in the House spread ink over more than 1,000
pages … but not a word deals head-on with one of the central complaints of doctors in Buffalo
and nationwide.

   There's no mention of medical malpractice liability reform to fix what
doctors call a lawsuit-happy system that prods them to order extra expensive
tests just to ward off potential lawsuits.

   Experts in the field counter by saying that lawsuits are actually falling in volume and
that any effort to change the system might end up costing more.

   But there are other issues at play, too.

   Might it be that doctors are ordering all those tests because, in some
cases, they profit from it?

   And might it be that Democrats are opposed to liability reform because of
the piggy bank … filled with $178.7 million in 2008 alone … that trial lawyers
provide for them?

   … Jerry Zremski

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