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Overheard at the Cowboys game

DSCN1229ARLINGTON, Texas -- What's a World Series reporter to do with a free afternoon? Sleep? Nah. I got my hands on a ticket to today's Cowboys-Jaguars game at the absolutely gigundus Cowboys Stadium. Paid $23 on the secondary market. If you read the blog the other day, you'll know I got a picture of Super Bowl XXVII on the ticket. Yeesh.

There were no drunken fools among the 90,000 or so of us in the stands (the place was packed by the end of the first quarter). Of course, people have given up on the Cowboys as they fell to 1-6 with a 35-17 loss. It was 14-3 in the final seconds of the first half and the Boys couldn't get a yard on two straight plays. Jax scored to open the second half to make it 21-3 and that was that. And the fans weren't happy. Some of the best cracks I heard:

"Thank God we have Cliff Lee."

"How in the world did y'all love a baseball team more?"

"[Wade] Phillips makes [Ron] Washington look and sound like Socrates" (of course, that was followed by the guy's buddy saying, "Never heard of Soccertees")

"I gotta find somebody to take my Thanksgiving tickets so I don't choke on a bone."

DSCN1249"Hey, we got the best TV in the league -- and they don't even put Wade on it."

Let's just say this is the biggest stadium I have ever seen and the much-publicized video board (left) is every bit as spectacular as you've heard. They use it well for game action, replays and for entertainment. They even show some Red Zone highlights but there's a dearth of out-of-town scores, which was my only real complaint.

And the rumors of $14 beers that people were sending me on Twitter were unfounded. Prices weren't stadium sky-high as you might think.

DSCN1256I came down from the upper deck at halftime and checked out the massive end zone standing-room areas. Great views if you can get in the front 2-3 people, which was pretty easy today. At 28-3, I gave up the ghost and returned to the hotel to prep for baseball but only after snapping this shot of these two cowboys (right) looking out the windows across the street at the ballpark in the distance. All in all, a very worthwhile experience to see the place. Since they charge $27.50 for tours, I got a game with it for only a little more once you count service charges.

So now it's back down the street to Rangers Ballpark for Game Four of the World Series. It starts at 8:20. Be sure to join me here for the latest news.

---Mike Harrington


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