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WNYers in pro ball -- final minor-league season stats

By Mike Harrington

Here's our updated list of players in pro ball with Western New York high school or college connections through the end of the minor-league regular season.

Be sure to read my column on Jim Negrych that appears in Wednesday's editions of The News.

Player (Connection)    Team-Class    GP Avg. HR RBI
Dave Sappelt (South Buffalo)  Iowa-AAA 90 .252 5 45
  (Sappelt also played 31 games this year for Chicago Cubs.. .240-0-4 and was designated for assignment on Tuesday) 
Jim Negrych (St. Francis) Buffalo-AAA    108 .285. 3  44
Kevin Mahoney (Canisius Col) Trenton-AA  39  .203  1 8
Tom Murphy (UB)                 Tulsa-AA    20   .290  3  9          
   (Promoted on Aug. 6. Had 80 GP at Class A Asheville ... .288-19-74)
Sean Jamieson (Canisius Col) Visalia-A 122  .287  11 53
Wynton Bernard (Niagara U.) Eugene-A 39 .250  1 10
Jason Kanzler (UB)            GCL Twins-A 44 .220 3 15
Jonah Heim (Amherst)      GCL Orioles-A 27 .185 0 4
Cory Brownsten (Lockport) Lynchburg-A  51 .160 0 10 

Pitcher (Connection)         Team-Class            GP GS W-L-ERA Sv
John Axford (Canisius Col)  St. Louis                  2   0   0-0-5.40  0 
   (traded from Milwaukee- 62 GP, 0 GS, 6-7-4.45 0)
Kevin Siegrist (Buffalo)        St. Louis                    32  0  1-1  0.60  0
Steve Geltz (Wilson/UB)        Durham-AAA            41 0 4-3 2.82 3
   (Read this Inside Baseball column on Geltz from earlier in the season)
Garret Cortright (Frontier-Canisius Col)                 Aberdeen-A 1 0 0-0 0.00 0
    (Promoted from GCL Orioles-A  10 4 5-1 1.11 1)
Jon Fitzsimmons (Canisius Col)   Idaho Falls-A              10 0 0-0 4.50 0
Chris Barczykowski (NCCC)       GCL Braves-A               15 2-0 4.50 0
Mark Armstrong (Clarence)      AZL Reds-A                    2 0 0-0 0.00 0 

Note 1: Sappelt grew up in South Buffalo and moved to North Carolina when he was 14. Read this 2011 story on him from The News

Note 2: Siegrist was born in Buffalo in 1989 but moved to Florida as a child. His second pro team was the 2009 Batavia Muckdogs. Read this story on him via

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