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Pregame chatter: Nothing on Lester's glove, Beltran's ribs OK

It was bright and sunny today prior to Game Two. The temperatures will be in the 40s tonight.

By Mike Harrington

BOSTON -- The biggest pregame chatter at Fenway Park today was about what was -- or wasn't -- on the glove of Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester during Game One. The Big Lead and Deadspin both ran today with a tweet from Cardinals Class A pitcher Tyler Melling that accused Lester of having vasoline on his glove and video seemed to show some sort of green goo.

(It reminds us Series regulars about the Kenny Rogers pine tar scandal in Game Two in Detroit in 2006).

"If you know Jon Lester he sweats like a pig and he needs rosin," Boston manager John Farrell said during his daily media briefing. "He keeps it in in his glove. Other guys will keep it on their arm, other guys will keep it on their pant leg. That's my response to the allegations. The one thing that's very odd is that it shows up in a lime green color. I don't know how that can happen."

"It was just rosin. All I ever used, all I will use," Lester said during batting practice. And about the green color?  "I don't know what that is. It looks like a giant booger."

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny was understandably uncomfortable with the topic. After all, if his team starts pulling this kind of stuff, nothing stopping the Red Sox from turning the tables.

"This was not instigated by us. And the way that we approach this is we just play the game," Matheny said. "We don't deny that some things have been acknowledged. And if that's what he claims, then that's what it is. That's all there is to it. And right now it's pretty much a dead issue.

"... If we started going down that path, we would just be trying to make excuses for a pitcher having a very good game against us and us not getting the job done. And that's not the kind of team we are."

In other news:

---The Cardinals were waiting on their lineup because they don't know the status of Carlos Beltran's injured ribs. But after he took batting practice, he was back there. Meanwhile, Pete Kozma was pulled from shortstop after his two errors in Game One and has been replaced by Daniel Descalso.

---Farrell confirmed Clay Buchholz will start in Game Four and that either David Ortiz or Mike Napoli will have to sit in St. Louis without the designated hitter. 

---During the game, look for a tribute to Boston Marathon bombing victims and an on-field presentation to retiring Yankees closer Mariano Rivera with the Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award. Rivera will be holding a press conference here in the 7 p.m. hour. He's the 12th player to receive the award, the first since Ken Griffey Jr., in 2011.

---There will be ceremonial first pitches thrown by members of the 2004 Series champion Red Sox, notably Pedro Martinez, and the national anthem will be sung by James Taylor. He will also be doing "America the Beautiful" in the seventh-inning stretch, a departure from the normal "God Bless America."

(Whether you like his music or not, Taylor will be awesome. I was in the park early this afternoon and heard his rehearsal. Great stuff).

I'll be having my live comments here in a separate post starting at 8 p.m. I'll even throw you a changeup: We'll also open the floor for comments during the fourth and fifth innings.


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