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The Freak baffles Padres for season's third no-hitter

By Mike Harrington

PHILADELPHIA -- So while I'm writing hockey, talking soccer and sitting watching the Phillies-Marlins game (you'll understand the cross-sport references once you read my column on the NHL draft in Thursday's plug alert), there's a lot of buzz here about Tim Lincecum after the Giants pitcher no-hit the punchless Padres for the second time in two years.

The Giants won the game, 4-0, with Lincecum coming within a walk of a perfect game. The Padres entered the contest batting just .182 in June and didn't come close to a hit.

Here's's quick turnaround on its standard all-27-outs feature of no-hitters. Great stuff:

Classic video rant: Olbermann eviscerates Bonds

By Mike Harrington

You can say anything you want about Keith Olbermann and you would probably have a point. But the one thing you can't argue is the guy is passionate about baseball. He's written some interesting essays and blogs for and you have to watch this commentary he unleashed this week on ESPN2 about Barry Bonds' return to the Giants as a spring training instructor and how the team has "sanitized" his history.

Olbermann pretty much eviscerates Bonds. And even if you think some of it is over the top, it's surely entertaining.

Some samples:

---The Giants are acting "as if he were one of baseball's most noble assets and not the symbol of its worst crisis and darkest time since the Black Sox scandal."

---"You cheated the game. You dishonored the game. The game has been better off with you forgotten, with you in the wilderness, with your statistics as meaningful as video game numbers."

---"Barry Bonds is a liar, a cheat, a shame to this sport and all sports and to this country. That the San Francisco Giants, an otherwise enlightened organization that cherishes its history and its reputation, should not merely embrace this pariah, but pave over his self-disqualifying dishonesty, is incomprehensible."

Watch the whole diatribe here. Quite entertaining.

Feel-good video: Upset kid gets a ball at Diamondbacks game

By Mike Harrington

Here's one from Phoenix I completely missed over the weekend that a friend sent me an email link to. It's going to be timeless. Trust me and watch it.

Gerardo Parra of the Diamondbacks goes to flip an errant ball into the stands to a young fan -- and it's swiped by an older kid (in the white T-shirt) with longer arms. The little guy is bummed and the camera stays focused on him.

Then a strange thing happened. Another kid -- in a Giants cap -- apparently went to the souvenir stand and bought the little guy one of those souvenir balls (they're in the $10-$15 range) to make up for his disappointment!

Yahoo's Big League Stew blog weighed in on the episode.

Here's the video from and Comcast Bay Area, with Giants announcers and former big-leaguers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow at the mic. Kuiper said it all when he asked, "Is that not the best?"

While you slept: A-Rod turned down rehab in Buffalo, Giants' Lincecum tosses no-hitter

By Mike Harrington

Two big items this morning as we head into the final day prior to the All-Star break for both MLB and Triple-A:

---Remember when I wrote last Sunday that Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez were not coming to Buffalo this weekend on rehab with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders? Well, it turned out I was right -- but only barely. 

Jeter left Scranton late Wednesday, played Thursday for the Yankees but injured his quad and his now trying to stay off the DL again. A-Rod, meanwhile, apparently was told by the Yankees to be in Buffalo Saturday night but refused the assignment after citing pain in his legs. The New York Post initially reported on how A-Rod didn't show up for a Class A game Friday in Tampa after meeting with MLB investigators about Biogenesis. The Daily News said A-Rod may be working on a plea deal with MLB 

Asked about turning down the trip to Buffalo, A-Rod told reporters in Tampa, "This is news to me."

The Tampa Yankees tweeted last night that A-Rod will be in their lineup today, so don't look for him at Coca-Cola Field this afternoon. 

---The other big story came past 1 a.m., when Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum lived up to his nickname and threw a completely freaky no-hitter at Petco Park in San Diego. Lincecum struck out 13 and threw 148 pitches in the Giants' 9-0 win over the reeling Padres. 

Here's's look at all 27 outs from the no-no.

Today's coverage: I've made my pick, time to make yours

Tigers ace Justin Verlander was all smiles on Media Day. (Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO -- It's a partly sunny morning by the Bay and the weather is not expected to be any issue for Game One of the World Series tonight. There's a 30 percent chance of rain this morning, followed by clearing skies in the afternoon and temperatures around game time (5:07 p.m. Pacific) are expected to be in the high 50s. 

There was lots of chatter going on Tuesday at Media Day and we'll have more with a live chat here at 2 p.m. Eastern.  Here's a look at today's coverage:

---Tigers ace Justin Verlander has the power, passion and poise that has made him the most dominant pitcher in the game.

---The Giants were still coming down of their NLCS Game Seven high when they met the media Tuesday.

---I picked these two teams to be here in our preview section in March, so who do I think ultimately wins the matchup? You'll have to click the link to find out. And be sure to click your choice below in our poll.

---Mike Harrington
Twitter: @BNHarrington 


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