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A lesson in confidence from the Bonnies

On Sunday afternoon, I was in Olean to cover the St. Bonaventure women's basketball team's game with Saint Louis.

The Bonnies, for those of you not keeping score at home, have put together one of the best seasons in program history, including a win over nationally-ranked George Washington. They followed it up by pulling out a dramatic win over Saint Louis yesterday.

The win was dramatic because Bona spent nearly 10 minutes of the second half on autopilot. They settled for jump shots that hit the rim. They stood around on offense. They got caught playing conservative on defense.

Then something clicked and with around four minutes left they once again started playing like the team that had won 17 games. They were aggressive, in control and smart and with six seconds left made a heady play to win the game, 63-62.

I mention this because what stands out most about the Bona women's basketball team is its unwavering confidence in their ability and their trust in each other.

Oh, that can drive a coaching staff nuts. Believing that you can coast for long stretches of the game then pull out a win is dangerous territory to be treading.

But on Sunday, St. Bonaventure believed it would win the game. Saint Louis was desperately trying not to lose the game.

It was a lesson I'm taking to my training this week and the upcoming Shamrock Run.

In listing my goals for my first 8K, "not stopping to walk" was one of them.

Not any more.

Because even entertaining the notion of what happens if I walk undermines the belief I want to cultivate -- that indeed I can run an 8K. I've put in the training. I've worked hard for three months. I've got a pretty good base and I suspect that my fitness level is a whole lot better than I give myself credit for.

There's no reason for me not to believe that I can run the 8K.

So this week I'll be tweaking my goals for the Shamrock Run to reflect a more positive attitude. There's no reason to believe otherwise.

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