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Putting the kibosh on my iPod

Oh Britney. I'll have to leave you behind. You too Maroon 5, whom I've become very fond of.

See, in my training plan for this week, my coach scheduled the Shamrock Run for Saturday with the big capital letters NO IPOD.

That message came through in several other emails. I am not to wear an iPod at the Shamrock Run. She says it's time for me to harden up. OK, I paraphrased her exact wording but you get the idea.

And I get the idea, too. There are no iPods in the triathlon. I need to run my race and learn to focus without the help of my musical selections. And actually, I will probably enjoy the experience a lot more if I'm not in total sensory deprecation. At least that's how I'm consoling myself on the loss of hearing "Stronger" by Kayne West at the mid-way point of my run.

Oh, but that doesn't mean I've abandoned my iPod for training runs. Saturday was my longest jaunt of the season -- 45 minutes outside. It was difficult at points, but I found if I just plugged through for another minute, it would get easier again. I pushed away the negative thoughts that would come up ("You really think you can run 8K?") and concentrated on what I could do: Control my pace, focus on my breathing, think about my form. Before I knew it, I was turning down my street to "Girlfriend."

Ah, so long, too to you, Avril Lavigne. I won't be hearing you next week, either.

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