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Why yes, I am a wimp

Everything looked rather calm yesterday morning. The sun was bright. The sky was clear. The neighborhood was quiet.

Then again, the peace probably had something to do with the eight inches of snow that fell the night before the lack of a plow to clear our street.

Still, I knew I should stop complaining, get in my cold-weather workout gear that I purchased with my Christmas money and get out on the road for my 30-minute run.

Yeah, but ...

It was cold. My street wasn't plowed. And even though the main roads probably were clear, my newness to the run on the pavement would mean a greater likelihood of hitting a patch of ice and falling. Heck, I've injured myself playing miniature golf before. And right now, I can't afford an injury.

At least, that's how I justified it to myself as I got in my car and drove to the gym to do my scheduled run on the treadmill.

Yeah, I'm a wimp.

At least I know it.

On the treadmill I increased my pace (as per the instructions of my coach) and added some slight incline. The changes made it challenging, but I noticed a difference. The run wasn't a piece of cake, but it was still felt like an easy pace, even though it was faster than what I'm used to. I actually felt stronger.

I spent my runs on Monday and Tuesday battling a cold wind which reduced me to looking like a Looney Tunes character when it gusted in my face. At the time I was pleased with my focus and with just finishing the run though I secretly had negative thoughts pop up in the back of my head:

"If you're struggling for 30 minutes around your neighborhood, what are you going to do if it's cold and windy at the Shamrock Run next weekend? Do you think you'll be able to run for five miles?"

One seed of doubt can ruin a performance. I know. I have my swim at the Y-Tri earlier this month as my personal life lesson in that regard.

But the doubt faded yesterday when I noticed the improvement in my run. Yes, running outside in the winter stinks. Yes, I probably could have successful run outside yesterday without suffering injury.

But incrementally, I am getting better. I proved it to myself, the only arbitrator that really matters at this point, and gave myself a shot of confidence that I can tackle that 8K Shamrock Run next weekend.

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