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Back on the road to Albany

The message from my coach came via email this week: Just relax.

Um, hello. Did she just meet me?

Actually she knows me pretty well by now. Hence the message to relax. It's another travel week for me and I spent too much extra energy trying to figure out how to get in swim and bike workouts in Albany. I was so engrossed with moving things around on my weekly training calendar at Niagara's men's hockey practice the other day, I almost forgot why I asked to talk with forward Vince Rocco in the first place.

Ah yes, that whole NCAA tournament thing.

Seriously, I think the chlorine is leaching into my skin and chemically altering my brain.

On the bright side, all that time in the water is starting to pay off.

All right, so yet again I ran out of time at master's swim practice to complete the entire workout that Greg Murnock gave us last night. I swam the three sets of 400 yards. Did the three sets of 300 yards and finished the three sets of 200 yards before I noticed the clock read about 9:58. Those 100 yard sets were just not getting done in the next two minutes.

And I still had some packing to do before leaving for Albany to cover that NCAA hockey regional.

Yet I felt like I was going fast. I felt like my turnover picked up. I felt like I was finally getting my stroke right and pushing myself forward. Heck, I felt like I had different speeds within my sets. This is progress considering my previous speeds in the pool consisted of "swim" and "float."

For the next few days my focus will be on running since that's what I can most easily do on the road. (Though I am hoping the hotel this time has fitness room with better equipment so I can do at least some of my strength training.)

And maybe, just maybe, I'll give myself permission to relax.

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