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Celebrity Tri Match: Me versus J-Lo

To borrow a phrase from Sports Illustrated, this week's sign that the Apocalypse is now upon us came when I opened up my weekly email digest from USA Triathlon.

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez has decided to enter a triathlon sometime in the fall of 2008.

Frankly, I'm not so sure how I feel about undertaking the same athletic goal as J-Lo. Does it bring some recognition to the sport or does it drag triathlon into the pop culture world? (I officially call jumping the shark if she starts designing fashion triathlon gear.)

It does bring memories of the original MTV series "Celebrity Death Match" which pits celebrities in a wrestling ring almost always ending in someone's untimely, and ungraceful, demise. Not that I would win a triathlon celebrity death match with J-Lo. But thinking about it serves several purposes including (a) distracting me when I'm on a coach-imposed iPod-free run and (b) allowing me to forget, for a moment, that I have now lost my second heart rate monitor.

On the non-J-Lo front: I'm ready for the cold weather to break so I can get on my bike. It's back from the good folks at Tom's Pro Bike Shop, who have taken better care of me and my Specialized Allez than either of us deserve. It's tuned up, repaired with new bike tubes and ready to roll -- if only the air and wind temperature would cooperate. Yes, I know I could suck it up and get out there anyway, but it's difficult to stay hydrated when the water freezes in your water bottle.

My bike is celebrating its third complete season of summer riding. We've been through a lot together, including the hills of Italy this past September. Yes, I have very strong (and admittedly somewhat unnatural) feelings about my bike. I was even considering towing my bike along to Albany this weekend for Niagara's appearance in the NCAA hockey tournament since on my last journey to the state capital I found the canal bike path. The weather forecast looks uncooperative, but I might bring my Specialized along with me anyway.

Tell me, do you think J-Lo has that type of commitment?

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