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The zen of chocolate creme eggs

I have a very simple training goal today: Not to eat my weight in Cadbury Creme Eggs. Or in Polish coffee cake.

Granted, I won't be abstaining from such Easter treats entirely but I'm hoping that I can act like an adult and not a 6-year-old kid who has just been given free reign over the candy store. Then again, why start acting like a grown-up now?

Lately, I've been doing double duty while writing my blog posts -- as in sneaking bites of breakfast in between keyboard strokes.

But this morning I made it a point to eat breakfast at the kitchen table in an effort to start practicing mindfulness. It started when I read a post from multisport athlete Alicia Parr about mindfulness (also known as being present or being in the moment). In general, it is a way of practicing being focused, whether it's on a task (like cleaning, swimming or eating) or on the people you are with.

How do you do that? Well among the 12 essential rules to live more like a zen monk are practices such as doing one thing at a time, doing things deliberately and developing rituals.

"There is no law saying what should be essential for you," the post on Zen Habits reads. "But you should consider what is most important to your life, and make room for that by eliminating the other less essential things in your life."

It sounds like a great place to start Spring cleaning -- clearing out the clutter in my head along with purging my closet of clothes that no longer fit me.

What is essential in my life today? Going for my 50-minute easy paced run to keep up with my training, which has become a very essential part of my life. Also essential -- enjoying a Cadbury Creme Egg and pastry with family and friends in mindful celebration of the season.

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