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Cheering for Tom Boonen and a busy week

My coach was very happy with 5K time at the Niagara County Bicentennial.

See, what I forgot was just how heavy a training week I had last week. I put in nearly 11 hours of training in all three disciplines I had an hour-long swim workout and an interval run the day before the race.

So being just a tad slower? Not a bad thing at all in Coach Mary's book.

Which brings me to this week. Because this week I will go over 11 hours of training. Today I will do not one, not two, but three workouts -- by design.

I have a feeling that Kayne West song, "That which don't kill me can only make me stronger" will be playing in a loop in my head all week. Sarcastically thanking Coach Mary for the heavy load she replied with a sinister laugh and a "Welcome to Amy's big week."

Ah, there were weeks when I had a light training load and I wondered if I was truly doing enough.

Yeah. Next time I will bask in the glory of a recovery week and put any inclinations toward obsessive-compulsive disorder on the back burner.

Meanwhile, I spent some downtime on Sunday watching cycling on Versus as Tom Boonen won the Paris-Roubaix race with a sprint to the finish line. Boonen became one of my favorites during last year's Tour de France. I actually cheered when he pulled ahead in the final kilometer.

Keeping up with the sporting news, two more athletes earned spots on the U.S. Olympic triathlon team this weekend. There is one more race in June which serves as an Olympic qualifier.

And then today, again on Versus, is the 112th running of the Boston Marathon. Of course the Versus promos for the coverage phrased it "The Boston Marathon featuring Lance Armstrong" as the former cycling champion takes up distance running. Obviously the Versus audience watching a cycling event is going to be more familiar with Lance than with, say, any of the top runners in the field. But it still felt a bid odd to me.

Of course I don't have much time to contemplate the oddness of it all. I have a chase-the-wizard workout to start right about now.

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