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Getting in the mood

I opened up my email this morning and read the daily note that my coach sends out to her stable of athletes.

Mary is in crunch time of her training for the Gulf Coast Half Ironman on May 8 and she often shares tidbits of her own process with us

Today, she wrote about how focused she is. How absolutely excited she was to wake up early and get on her bike and start her long, hard training for the day.

I sighed.

Because frankly, the last two days, I haven't totally been in the mood.

Here's the thing: I'll complain in my head all the way to the workout. I'll feel unmotivated and wonder if maybe my time wouldn't better be spent watching a Law and Order marathon.

Then I'll actually start the workout and after the first five minutes, I feel just fine. It's like an annoying old friend -- you hesitate at the beginning but fall into a comfortable and surprisingly enjoyable rhythm over that second cup of coffee.

This is my heaviest training week to date. It's no wonder I'm a little sore, a little tired, a little just not in the mood.

But when I take a deep breathe and stare down what it's in front of me -- whether it be the final 500 yards in the pool, the path that will take me to meet the wizard on an interval run or even a 45-minute spin class -- there is no waffling on my part because I know this workout will make me better in so many different areas.

I may not have the enthusiasm at the start of my workout that Mary has, but I still have complete enjoyment during the work. In fact, at some points, my lack of cartwheel turning joy has allowed me to focus better during the workout, paying closer attention to things like form and pace instead of just pounding away with adrenaline.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date to meet the wizard. Today is an interval run and I'm sure by the end of the hard running set, he will show up.

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