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Stopping the insanity of comparisons

Inevitably, wherever I am, I will find someone to compare myself to.

I can be at the gym on a treadmill, in the pool, in spin class or even alone on my bike and somehow, I'll find a way to judge myself based on what others are doing.

Check that -- based on what I think others are doing.

Occasionally, it's a good basis of competition for me, as in "See that guy/gal over there? I want to finish this 5K race before him/her."

But more often than not, the comparisons become a bunch of negative self thoughts. I start thinking about how hard I'm working. So then, why am I not going faster? It's not fair. It's frustrating. That person over there doesn't look to be working nearly as hard as I am and yet I'm slower.

The truth is, I have no idea what is going on with that other person.

And so why bother.

Yes, that's much easier said than done and moving away from thoughts of comparison is something I will need to work on for some time. A big part of letting go of negative thought is by being in the moment -- enjoying the group of people you happen to be riding with, or running with or even stuck in a gym class with. It can be enjoying the solitude of a run or ride or the sensory deprecation that comes when you get into a rhythm in the pool.

I've been told numerous times that once you let go is when you take off.

The rest of this week I will work on letting go of judgment and comparisons and just work. My bet is that by the end of this brutal training week I'll have gone much further than I thought I could.

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