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The start of shopping season

Nothing quite perks up a day like new shoes.

I knew I needed better running shoes. Hard core runners log how many miles they put on their shoes and change them at certain intervals. I would wait until (a) there was a hole in the toe, (b) they no longer felt all that great on my feet or (c) I wanted a different color. And previously I would go into a store and look at the sale items.

This time, I changed it up. I went to a running-specific store instead of a mega store. They looked at my feet and told me I needed a stability shoe. I tried on several pairs and ran around outside the store to see how they felt.

The verdict: A pair by New Balance in shades of white, gray and pink.

I've already worn them several times and will give it the ultimate test in today's Envirun 5K.

When that's completed, I'll hop down to my favorite bike store to pick up my new triathlon-specific cycling shoes and new pedals. What makes them triathlon shoes? Well, they have a big loop at the heel which makes it easy to grab and pull on. It has only an adjustable Velcro strip so you you're not fussing with laces and buckles. And it has ventilation and cushy comfort which may make socks optional.

But the new gear purchases aren't done quite yet. I still need to work on getting a wet suit as the water temperature of Keuka Lake on June 8 is likely to be quite chilly. And I need a tri-specific top and bottom to wear underneath the wetsuit -- something that takes me from swim to bike to run.

Looks like shopping season has begun.

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