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Changing roles

You know something is shifting in the universe when during a workout I'm the leader.

Well, in essence, I was really just a flesh-based GPS system. One of the guys in the triathlon club told me his wife, who seemed to me to be a pretty accomplished runner, was preparing for her first triathlon. Would I be at the brick workout on Thursday to show her the ropes?

Certainly. I've had plenty of people take time to help me (and continue to help me) so there wasn't even a question of helping someone else out. And really, all I did was lead the way on the bike course and run with Karyn through the three-mile run course. I didn't really have any words of wisdom or expert training advice.

The next day I received profuse emails of thanks. Really, I should be thanking them. It was nice to have someone to chat with on the run. It made my workout go faster.

A further shift in the time-space continuum happened this week when Joe Zwierzchowski, one of the founders of Carly's Crossing, sent me an email. Joe had been following my triathlon progress and invited me to participate in the open water swim, which benefits pediatric cancer patients at Roswell Park. He suggested that I swim the one-mile non-competitive event with him.

Oh boy.

A mile? Really?

Can I wear my wetsuit?

Absolutely I was told.

And so I conned my Buffalo Triathlon Club friend Joe into doing the swim with me (because while I believe in the axiom of doing things which scare you, I also believe in bringing down other people with me).

My summer schedule now includes the Summer Sizzler sprint triathlon on Grand Island this Saturday with Carly's Crossing on Aug. 9 followed by the Finger Lakes Triathlon on Sept. 21.

The thing about the journey is that it never really ends.

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