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Still celebrating that relay win

Does anyone really get tired of watching that 4x100 freestyle relay? I have the link to the NBC video of the race listed on my favorites. Sad will be the day when that link will no longer work which, of course, is why God invented YouTube.

And while, yes, I have crush on Michael Phelps (is there anyone, man, woman or dog in the United States who doesn't have a crush on Michael Phelps at this point?) what amazed me about that relay was Jason Lezak. This is Lezak's third Olympic Games. He was the anchor leg for the last two American 4x100 freestyle relay teams -- the ones which lost the Olympic gold medal in a race the country had dominated for years.

Lezak's performance was breath taking (heck, I knew the result before I watched the final and I still was screaming at the screen when he made his final move on the French) but more importantly to me, it was a testament to perseverance. Yes, that old, "try and try again" adage. Sometimes you can try and try again and nothing changes, but other times they lead to golden moments.

Meanwhile, any parents of children with attention deficit disorder might want to check out the parenting column in the New York Times which featured a story on Deborah Phelps. Michael was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and was told that he would "never be able to focus." With his Olympic medal count, it looks like he found a way to focus after all.

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